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Whipped Lip Butter Step Display

Regular price $ 120.00

➤ Display Kit: Whipped Lip Butter Spinner
➤ Size: 12 W x 6 L x 6.75 H
➤ Price: $120.00

Includes 48 Whipped Lip Butters, 6 each of 8 unique flavors. A free tester of each flavor will be included. Display included with purchase.

Please list which flavors you'd like in your display kit when ordering! Or just ask us to fill this display with our best selling flavors ~

Choose from these amazing whipped lip butter flavors:

Cherry & Vanilla
Chocolate & Vanilla
Honey & Vanilla
Orange & Vanilla
Peach & Vanilla
Peppermint & Vanilla
Raspberry & Vanilla
Strawberry & Vanilla
Blueberry & Vanilla
Almond & Vanilla
Double Vanilla
Butterscotch & Vanilla

Seasonal Flavors are available, so please ask if interested!

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