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Vegan Deodorant Sampler Step Display

Regular price $ 105.00

➤ Display Kit: Vegan Deodorant Sampler
➤ Size: 12 W x 6 L x 6.75 H
➤ Price: $105.00

Includes 4 each of 3 fragrances in our full size vegan deodorants and 6 each of 3 fragrances in our travel size. Deodorant Display free with purchase.

Please let us know which 3 fragrances you'd like when placing your order! Or just ask us to fill this display with our best selling fragrances ~

~ Available Fragrances ~

Lavender & Litsea
Cedarwood & Orange
Pine Tree & Cypress
Geranium & Clove
Fragrance Free
Ylang Ylang & Lime
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