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Lavender Lemon Cake - All Natural Lip Balm Jelly

Product image 1Lavender Lemon Cake All Natural Lip Balm Jelly
Product image 2Lavender Lemon Cake All Natural Lip Balm Jelly Chapped Lip Care
Product image 3Lavender Lemon Cake All Natural Lip Balm Jelly Ingredients
Product image 4Variety All Natural Lip Balm Jelly Dry Chapped Lip Care

Regular price $ 6.50

➤ Product Type: Lip Balm Jelly
➤ Flavor: Lavender Lemon Cake
➤ Size: .42 oz product
➤ Price: $6.50

Sprinkled with lavender, full of icing and lemony * A sweet dessert cake so light and so heavenly!

• You'll smell enjoyable notes of: lemon, sweet cake, vanilla icing, lavender

➤➤ Lip Balm Jellies are a one of a kind experience. Similar in consistency to Vaseline or petroleum jelly - but completely, 100% all natural! They glide onto your lips with such supple ease - coating and conditioning, softening and moistening. They have tremendous staying power, both in scent and the unique, soothing comfort they offer.

Lip Balm Jellies are chock full of lip loving, beneficial ingredients that naturally and quite quickly aid in the healing process and help give them a barrier against the elements. So - go on! Wear a cheeky grin - your lips have something to smile about!

➤ No artificial preservatives, fragrances, or unnaturalness in our blends.

➤ We are cruelty free. Live Beautifully does not test our products on our animal friends and we make sure each and every one of our suppliers and sources does the same!

➤➤ All Natural Ingredients: Certified Organic Self Emulsifying Wax, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Essential Oils & Natural Scent Oils, Vitamin E
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