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Live Beautifully - More Than Just a Way of Life

Live Beautifully was born in the mountains of Colorado. Exploring the sun drenched trails and slopes of the Rockies had uncovered a deeper appreciation for the natural world around us. We want to ensure that what we use on our bodies on a daily basis is natural and from this earth. The first time we really took a good look at the mainstream products we were using on a regular basis was the day we decided to change the way we moisturize and care for our skin forever. Approaching body product creation as an art as well as a science has always been our primary focus. Nature’s done most of the work for us - We just bring our creative flair.

We set out to forge a brand centered around these three principles: the natural healing properties of our ingredients, unique scent offerings, and an experience that travels with the consumer, from the store to their home.

Live Beautifully is sold in stores across the country - Our products stand out amongst the sea of mass produced goods. With a more elegant and slightly old fashioned aesthetic and unique, botanical or fantastical inspired artisan scents, our wonderful line of products is perfect for gifting - to yourself or someone else!

We offer the most unique line of natural body products on the market today. From lip balms to jellies, to butters - we have lips covered. All natural deodorants that actually work, better even than the leading brands. Lotions that soothe even the driest skins. Explore our line of all natural and luxurious products today.

We create beautiful products for a beautiful world

We are: All Natural, Handmade in Colorado, Cruelty Free, Gmo Free, Gluten Free, Paraben & Phthalate free

Founded by: Nicole & Aaron Wildasin in 2012 in their home in Colorado











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