About Live Beautifully Lips

Live Beautifully has multiple lines of amazing products for your lips - but sometimes, it may be hard to know which product is the right one for you! We've created a handy chart that helps detail all of the wonderful benefits that each of our lip lines have to offer ~


Read on for more detailed information on each of our lovely lip lines.



lip balm anthologies: wonderfully curated collections of gourmet flavors that nourish and protect your lips
Our wonderful solid lip balm blend, rich in vitamins and nutrients that keep lips soft and supple, available in stick form - with a twist! Anthology lip balms are crafted in sets of 3 balms that fit wonderfully together in a unique flavor collection. Feel free to enjoy the whole delicious, gourmet set or just one individual flavor.
old fashioned lip balm jellies: Inspired by all things delicious and nostalgic, this collection
of gourmet flavors celebrates the good old days of yore.

Old Fashioned 40's Lip Balm Jellies are a one of a kind experience. Similar in consistency
to Vaseline or petroleum jelly - but completely, 100% all natural! They glide onto your
lips with such supple ease - coating and conditioning, softening and moistening. They
have tremendous staying power, both in scent and the unique, soothing comfort they offer.

Lip Balm Jellies are chock full of lip loving, beneficial ingredients that naturally and
 quite quickly aid in the healing process and help give them a barrier against the
elements. So - go on! Wear a cheeky grin - your lips have something to smile about!
whipped lip butters: Get ready to meet the coolest thing for your lips since ice cream! Our incredible
whipped lip butters, made with completely all natural ingredients, feel just like icing on your
lips. They go on so buttery smooth, so sinfully sweet, you could almost be rubbing
chocolate mousse on yourself! Once applied, the whipped butter melts into your lips creating
a luxuriously silky experience. The lovely moisturizing sheen will last you a while, but don't be
surprised to find yourself using it more than you need to - they're incredibly addicting like that...
signature lip balms: The signature collection lip balm line features a wide range of unique and botanic
offerings. Handcrafted with natural skin conditioning ingredients and the finest essential
oils and all natural fragrance oils, they are rich in vitamins and nutrients that
nourish and heal lips, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and sealing in moisture.
lip glitz lip gloss: Drench your lips in brilliant shine and a burst of dazzling color that's never sticky. Color so rich, so lush, it bends and transforms how light reflects off of your lips.  Lip Glitz are specially crafted with lip safe, naturally occurring micas and sparkling minerals that warp and refract light particles around your lips. Lips look plumper, fuller, more luscious. Incredibly moisturizing, this great for your lips formula soaks in, helping to minimize and heal lines and damage from the inside out.