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Aches & Pains Feel Better Butter

Product image 1Aches Pains Feel Better Butter First Aid Body Cream Free Shipping
Product image 2Aches Pains Feel Better Butter First Aid Sore Muscles
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Product image 4Aches Pains Feel Better Butter First Aid Natural Ingredients
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Aches & Pains Feel Better Butter
Size: 2 oz. Volume, 1.5 oz. Weight

Soothe your weary and sore skin & body -

A skin softening body butter that is carefully crafted with warming pepper oils, cooling mints, and essentials that soothe your body. Aches & Pains body butter can help you feel better.

Crafted with essential oils / ingredients that may help:
• ease muscle pain
• relieve joint stress
• calm inflammation
• improve mobility
• increase circulation

To Use: massage and apply a quarter sized amount onto your sore, weak, and tired muscles or joint. Butter will melt into your skin upon contact.

WARNING/CAUTION: contains pepper & other strong oils - Avoid contact with eyes and Sensitive Areas, if contact occurs rinse/flush immediately with water.

Natural Origin Ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, peppermint, camphor, wintergreen, juniper berry, frankincense, clove, ginger, vetiver, lavender, black pepper, marjoram, chili pepper seed, vitamin e

Key Ingredients

• Peppermint has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties which can help it relieve headache symptoms and other points of pain.

Camphor may be used as an anesthetic and can cause temporary numbness of the sensory nerves at the area of application. It also has anti-inflammatory and cooling, sedative properties.

• Wintergreen is an analgesic and can help induce numbness and bring an anesthetic effect on the nerves where applied. It can increase circulation of the blood and bring warmth to the area.

• Juniper Berry is an antispasmodic and can help relax muscle cramps. It also helps improve blood circulation and may reduce swelling which can help aid rheumatism and arthritis.

• Frankincense has sedative like properties and can help relieve pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis.

• Clove may have anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties and can be very helpful in the treatment of headaches.

• Ginger has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which make it helpful for reducing pain in muscle aches, arthritis, rheumatic conditions, headaches, and migraines.

• Vetiver has cooling and soothing anti-inflammatory properties.

• Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce inflammation as well as ease hurting muscles.

• Black Pepper is an antispasmodic as well as an anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritic. It can help warm and stimulate the area of application and can help improve circulation.

• Marjoram an analgesic and antispasmodic. It can help create a warming effect on the body's systems and can improve circulation.

• Chili Pepper Seed can have a warming effect on the area of application and has analgesic, pain reducing properties.

This product is not a medical treatment and should never be used as a primary source of treatment. It should only be used as an aid to help soothe your body.

* What does “Natural”, “All Natural”, and “100% Natural” mean to Live Beautifully? It means that every single one of our ingredients is of natural origin, sourced from the earth. Some of our ingredients do go through processes to help make them safer and more accessible for use. While the process these ingredients go through may be considered “non-natural” (heating, filtration, chemical modification, etc.), it does not discount nor negate the natural origin of our ingredients. Through the end of 2019, you will start to see adjustments made to our labels to reflect this. Transparency and peace of mind are primary concerns for us and our customers. As there are no Federal regulations for the term “Natural”, we want you to know that what you are putting on your skin is safe, of natural origin, and contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or ingredients of synthetic origin.

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